The perfect dress for outdoor senior pictures

June 10, 2019

This girl is wearing the perfect dress for her outdoor senior pictures!

Say hello to Alex, one of the sweetest, most genuine girls I have had the honor of photographing.
Alex is a close friend of Lauren, a Ramsey Senior Model for the Class of 2019. They are always in each other’s Instagram stories. They do all the things together.
One thing that stuck out to me about Alex is her adventurous spirit. She is willing to try new things! This past spring, she tried out Water Polo for the first time, just for fun! During our shoot, she walked through a horse pasture barefoot.

girl with sunhat in beautiful flowery field senior girl in field smelling flowers

A great look with the perfect dress for outdoor senior pictures

Alex loves senior pictures with lots of nature and beautiful flowers. She enjoys very natural-looking pictures with lots of smiles.
I love that she chose this beautiful summer dress. The color was great for her skin tone. And the cut of the dress allowed her to spin, sit, and move freely. As a result, her images looked very natural and carefree. It was the perfect dress for outdoor senior pictures.
She did a great job pairing it with her sun hat and bouquet. Accessories like a hat and flowers elevate your look. They add another level of interest to the image and they give you something to hold during your pictures.

teenage girl in green dress and sunhat senior girl in the perfect dress for senior pictures closeup of girl with sun hat

More about Alex

One thing you need to know about Alex is that Alex LOVES dogs. Yeah, you think you love dogs. You think dogs are awesome. Well, Alex is on an entirely different level than the rest of us.
Can you believe Alex has planned out her life according to what kind of dogs she will own at each stage in her life? She has written this out. She has a plan!
Alex spent a good part of her senior year working at the Pearland Animal Clinic. Her favorite part of the day was when she could take care of her sweet canine friends.

girl sitting on white fence girl smiling on white fence in green dress and cowgirl boots teenage girl on white fence

 The perfect, ideal dog for Alex?
“I love long-snout dogs and bigger dogs.”
What’s next for Alex? She will be attending A&M College Station in the fall! Congratulations, Alex!
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