Sydney’s Senior Portraits at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

April 29, 2016

Sydney needed bright and cheerful portraits to match her bright and bubbly personality, so we did some of her senior portraits at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall in downtown Houston. The Sugar and Cloth Color Wall is a project created by a blogger and DIY pro who is just all kinds of cute! The color palettes she works with are just incredible and really draw me in and make me feel awesome just by looking at them. This wall was painted on the side of a warehouse/studio this April and is really in an unexpected part of town. It’s new, but it’s already quite a popular place! When Sydney and I arrived at the Sugar and Cloth Wall, we had to wait our turn while others had their fun as well, but we didn’t really mind because everyone was having such a great time! I would love to come here again with our kids or any other seniors who are interested, simply because it is an inspiring and fun place to be!

senior portraits at sugar and cloth color wallfriendswood senior pictures

“I got golden balloons to say “2016”, but we accidentally let the “2” fly away.”

“It’s cool, Sydney. I think you held on to the most important numbers. Let’s do this!!”

Class of ’16 right here, ladies and gents.

senior pictures at sugar and cloth color wallsugar and cloth color wall senior portrait

WOW MOM.sugar and cloth colar wall senior portraitssugar and cloth color wall senior picture

“Booth” was just as photogenic as Sydney described. What a cutie!! They were an adorable duo.

The Sugar & Cloth Color Wall is perfect for senior portraits. The exciting colors just fuel the anticipation seniors feel for their future. Sydney is so stoked to start the next chapter in her life. With her family surrounding her, supporting her, and encouraging her, she just feels ready to graduate and start this new adventure!

senior portrait at sugar and cloth color wallsugar and cloth color wall senior pictures

There is SOOO much love and support in this family. I just had to snap a picture of Mom & Dad with their college gear ready to go!family picture at sugar and cloth color wall

I can’t help but smile after looking through these. Can’t you? 😀 That was so much fun!

We’d love to make more senior portraits at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall again! Houston is an incredibly unique place to shoot and our favorite place to be. Contact us here if you’d like more information about scheduling your senior session with us! And be sure to like us on Facebook!