Jenna’s Senior Portraits at the Strand

September 28, 2014

Jenna’s senior portraits at the Strand in Galveston, TX are among some of my favorite images from photographing on the Island. The alleyways that weave between the cute boutiques and surf shops at the Strand hold so much character in their architecture and details. Jenna and I had a great time walking through the cobblestone alleys to find the perfect spots for senior portraits.

Jenna chose a classic and simple wardrobe with a white blouse, jean shorts, and leather sandals. She also wore a beautiful blue spaghetti-strapped dress that contrasted well with her lovely auburn hair. Simple details like a delicate necklace and silver earrings added to her look without calling attention to themselves.

Senior Portraits at the Strand senior pictures at the strand

“Think about your favorite mexican food.”

strand senior pictures

Glitter? Of course! Jenna brought multicolored glitter as well as some Mustang blue in honor of graduation from Friendswood High School.

glitter senior portrait

We didn’t do all of Jenn’as Senior Portraits at the Strand. We moved to the beach as the sun set.

Nothing says American quite like wrapping yourself up in a vintage flag in front of the Gulf of Mexico. Jenna rocked this look on Galveston Island.

patriotic senior pictures

Sunsets by the Strand and on Galveston Island are some of my favorites. Many times the sky will be lit up in all kinds of colors, but my favorite is a simple dark blue fade that lends itself to some of the most beautiful soft light out there.

beach senior portrait

Jenna was eager to incorporate the flag in some way into her session because she loves her country. We think that’s awesome! We’re happy to incorporate props into our session, as long as it ends up looking unique (and not a rip-off of something one sees on Pinterest). In this digital age where clever images are easy to come by but often overdone, we want your senior session to look like YOU, not like an already-made image with your face on it.

If you agree that your senior portraits should be an authentic reflection of who YOU are, then we’d be a great fit for you. Please contact us to check our availability for this fall and let us take your senior portraits! We’d be happy to plan a session that was unique to you, and we’ll tell you more about what that looks like when you contact us.