Macy’s Senior Portraits at Moody Gardens

September 24, 2014

Macy wanted a nostalgic touch to her senior portraits so she wanted to have her senior portraits at Moody Gardens, a place she had visited over and over as a child. Galveston Island is where she grew up, and she had so many great memories from going to Moody Gardens with her family, to being treated at La Kings Confectionery, to watching the sunset on the beach. We worked together to find locations that would best represent her life and create unique senior portraits that she would always remember.

The great thing about having senior portraits done at Moody Gardens is the sprawl of beautiful gardens, modern architecture, and friendly staff who gave us freedom to roam. It truly is a unique spot for senior portraits.

Macy’s laughter is contagious, and her personality shines through in everything she does. The way she walks and giggles and smiles just makes you want to hug her! Congratulations, Macy!

Senior Portraits at Moody Gardens

We didn’t do all of Macy’s senior portraits at Moody Gardens. At La Kings Confectionery on the Strand, we eyeballed all the sweet treats. I have such a crazy sweet tooth. It was hard to stay away from the candy window! My favorite thing about La Kings is their cute white chairs with the heart shape on the back. We had a great time cooling off before heading out to the coast.

La Kings Confectionary Portraits

The set below is my absolute favorite. We finished Macy’s senior portrait session on one of the longer jetties off the beach. She wanted simple and comfortable clothing, and the color schemes she chose were perfect. I love the thick cable knit sweater in neutral tones that totally coordinates with the gray water around her. Her outfit contrasts with the dark textured stone she is sitting on and brings all the attention to her sweet face. The wind was fierce that night, but her windblown hair really adds a carefree mood to these portraits.

galveston beach senior portraitssenior portraits at galveston beach

Wil captured some fantastic laughter as the sun set. We used a little bit of flash here to make these images POP.

pretty girl laughing Pleasure Pier Senior Portrait

What made Macy’s senior portraits at Moody Gardens special was that these were places she had grown up around. She wanted to be photographed in places she had been before, that meant something to her. It wasn’t just a random park or city street. When you choose a location that has meaning and significance to your life, your senior portraits stand out above the rest as unique, powerful, representations of who you are and from where you’ve come.

If that idea resonates with you, but you’re still unsure of where you should have your senior portraits done, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you through the process in finding a truly memorable location.