Senior Portraits in Market Square Park

June 25, 2018

I had a complete blast taking Delaney’s senior portraits in Market Square Park. We shoot downtown quite a bit, and I find myself in this part of town frequently in the fall and springtime for senior shoots. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re wanting an urban backdrop.

I have a lot of favorite moments from Delaney’s senior session in Market Square Park. But one of the things I really enjoyed about this shoot was the outfits she chose. My all-time favorite was the red striped blouse and high-cut shorts she chose. She wanted to look “business chic” and I think she totally nailed it! And no one has ever brought a fur coat to a senior shoot. I’ve gotta say that was super unique and really makes her images stand out!

Delaney goes to Deer Park high school and is a 4 year senior on the Escorts. She is trying out to be a Rangerette this July and we wish her the BEST of luck! Her two older sisters have also made the Rangerettes so she can hopefully complete the lineage of dancers from her family! I have a special place in my heart for drill team dancers, because I used to be a Wranglerette and I know just how much dedication, energy and hard work it requires!

Delaney can be described as “the funny one” in her family. She is most often the one moving, laughing, and causing goofy moments with everyone. It makes sense that she would want a session full of movement, laughter, and bright images. She told me that urban landscapes with stairs, city lights, metro stations, and pretty walls really resonate with her. So I suggested we have her senior portraits in Market Square Park for that express purpose.

We ended the shoot celebrating with some sparklers. I love how much life is added to an image by incorporating sparklers into a shoot.

Delaney, best of luck to you this summer! We wish you the very best!

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