Senior Portraits in Downtown Houston | Lyndsey

January 4, 2018

We hit the ground running downtown to capture these senior portraits in downtown Houston for Lyndsey. Lyndsey represents us as one of our Ramsey Senior Models for the Class of 2018. She performs as a member of her dance team and participates in several clubs on campus. School spirit, she’s got it!

What a whirlwind of a session this was, with five outfits, three locations, and Lyndsey’s sweet pup in the mix! She brought along a beautiful floral dress, jeans, sandals, and several tops, including her college shirt (which I will wait to reveal as she gets closer to her school decision!). We began all hands on deck to get her changed, makeup touchups, and traveling from place to place. We received some great assistants at the ready: both her Mom and Dad as well as her brother came along for the fun. While the family rallied around her, Lyndsey kept the energy up the whole time and helped us make some beautiful urban chic senior portraits! We always encourage bringing along someone to help you transition from one outfit to the next. Family and close friends are best at helping everyone stay on schedule!

Also, Nola, Lyndsey’s sweet pup, took home the prize of being cutest. She smiled ear to ear and behaved so well that we got several beautiful portraits of the two of them. To see the whole family rally around this precious furball pulled at my heartstrings. Everybody loves her.

Confident, classy, inquisitive, disciplined, strong, diligent. These are words I would use to describe Lyndsey. Out of all the seniors we have photographed, I have never met a young lady like her. Lyndsey always wants to know how things work, the “why” behind everything. I feel like I could talk to her for hours. Because she brings joy to everyone around her, she makes it all the more fun to photograph!

My only regret from this session is forgetting to ask Lynds to do some left pirouettes and fouettés for the camera. That is her special talent!

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Dates for the class of 2018 are almost gone!