Senior Portraits at Hermann Park

June 25, 2018

Photographing these senior portraits at Hermann Park was super special for me because this girl was one of the first students I had when I used to teach at Friendswood High School. In the classroom Ashley always participated, spoke as much Spanish as she could, and arrived with a smile on her face every day. I missed having her in class, and I was so honored to have the opportunity to photograph her. I don’t teach Spanish any more because I do photography full time, but the memories I have of Ashley will last a lifetime.

Ashley participated in the debate team. She told me all about how she was surprised to really find her “people” and an exciting challenge from debate. She radiates joy and enthusiasm in everything she does. She brought so much creativity and fun to her senior shoot at Hermann Park.

Ashley loves watching Friends and wanted to incorporate her favorite show into her senior shoot. She also loved the idea of being surrounded by flowers and the city, so having her senior portraits at Hermann Park made the most sense for the look she was going for. We did quite a bit of exploring that day. Ashley was up for whatever we needed to do to get the shot!

One of my favorite moments from her shoot was right as the sun was setting. We were in a field of bluebonnets right by a bridge and the golden light was just perfect. My favorite picture to take is of a senior in a more peaceful and relaxed expression. It is in those moments where the confidence that only comes at this age really shows through. I love how hopeful and enthusiastic seniors are. Spending time with them during a session and really getting to know them always encourages me. They are unstoppable!

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