Olivia’s Senior Portraits at Buffalo Bayou

June 24, 2015

Originally this shoot was supposed to be in Galveston, but Olivia called us the day of and said, “Everyone does Galveston, I want to do something different.”  So we changed plans and did Olivia’s senior portraits at Buffalo Bayou. Best idea ever because I’m in love with this newly renovated park downtown. The walking and biking trails stretch all along the Houston bayou in such a way that you forget you’re in the middle of one of the biggest cities in America. If you want to be in the city, but feel like you’re in the country then you should schedule your senior portraits at Buffalo Bayou. We followed the trail for easily a mile, stopping at every chance to get a different look or to capture Olivia in her element, playing guitar.

Olivia has since moved on to Texas Tech (wreck em!). We are stoked for her bright future!

senior portraits at buffalo bayou

Our very own private jam session on our hike during the best part of the evening with that golden light streaming in through the trees. We felt privileged that Olivia would share her talents with us. Seriously, this girl can sing!

We believe shots like this really capture who you are at this point in your life. We try to avoid posing seniors in cheesy ways with their “stuff”, as this typically puts more emphasis on the object instead of on you. We asked Olivia simply to play her guitar and sing for us if she felt comfortable doing so. This ended up making some very natural, candid images that we love.

Friendswood senior pictures

Let’s stop under this bridge. Now make your arms all bendy. One of the best things about taking senior portraits at Buffalo Bayou is all the architecture and structures that can change up the feel of a session from rural to urban.

senior pictures at buffalo bayou

That time when we found the world’s softest grass. Getting that zen feeling in the Bayou gardens. I love Olivia’s lacy top. It was perfect for the warm weather, and it had a slightly relaxed boho look, which we love!

buffalo bayou senior portraits buffalo bayou senior portrait photographer Buffalo bayou senior pictures

The sun’s going down, but we’re still shooting! Let that lovely evening soft light make you look fantastic.

Buffalo bayou senior picture

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