Senior Portrait Season for the Class of 2019

July 30, 2018

Gabby was our first senior to kick off senior portrait season for the Class of 2019!

the Lumineers Cleopatra album

Stranger Things

Audrey Hepburn (Legit my fav)


#1: Jesus

#2: My family

#3: A passport (to travel)


Oh my goodness your pictures are amazing!! I also love the vibe I get off of just looking through your website and instagram I can see how much work you put into it and how awesome it looks.

The Chase by Kyle and Kelsy Kupecky

To meet new people and try new things!!

senior girl with brown hair wearing a pink dress in a field of deep green grass brunette in long flowing pink dress at golden hour in a park

Easily my top two favorite images from her session. Gabby makes photoshoots effortless and fun!

senior girl in pink spaghetti strapped dress admiring a field and looking at the cameraFriendswood High School senior girl waving a a Friendswood Mustangs flag and hugging the flag around her

I would have LOVED to have a picture of me with a Friendswood Mustang flag from when I was in high school. My blood runs blue for THE NUMBER ONE HIGH SCHOOL IN THE STATE!

young lady with spaghetti strapped soft pink dress and tropical flower crown

This flower crown absolutely blew me away and it was such a sweet touch on her senior portraits! Gabby used some of her favorite flowers and colors to tie into her outfit to bring the whole look together.

senior girl with flower crown admiring her flowerstropical flower crown and bouquet on a brunette with a long flowing soft pink spaghetti strapped dress looking down and smiling

We get asked frequently when you should schedule your shoot during senior portrait season for the Class of 2019. And the answer is: any time BEFORE or DURING your senior year. We do a lot of sessions in the early months of the year because many of our seniors have to send in images to the yearbook early on. And lucky for our seniors, the Houston heat of the early fall also means that outdoor shoots still look very pretty and lively for much longer in the year.

Thinking about scheduling a shoot for this fall with us? Let’s shoot! Contact us to get more information about senior portraits with us.