Kenna’s Boho-chic Senior pictures at Enchanted Rock

March 6, 2018

We believe that we were all created with care and intention. In being creative ourselves we learn more about what it means to be human. We love what we do because it gives us this opportunity to create over and over and over again. It is important to us to be continually growing as a photographer. Getting in a rut, shooting in the same locations, in the same light, with the same poses is our biggest fear.  Which is why it was so inspiring to head to central Texas with Kenna to take some senior pictures at Enchanted Rock.

We’d love to create something with you! If you’re interested in taking your senior pictures at Enchanted Rock (or some other inspiring location) contact us!

senior pictures in central texas fashion inspired senior portrait

My goal for this session was to create a moody, natural desert look that would be completely different from the portraits that I typically make. I wanted to give Kenna something uniquely creative.

editorial senior picture outdoor senior pictures beautiful girl at enchanted rock artsy senior pictures moody senior picture senior girl at enchanted rock girl in front of boulder girl spinning her hair

Besides just being in a new location, I tried to incorporate a lot more movement into these portraits. Having Kenna dance, jump, and spin around. It helps to give a more carefree hippie spirit to these senior portraits.jumping senior pictures at enchanted rock girl standing tall and strong interesting senior picture walking at enchanted rock

There’s so much color at Enchanted Rock. That deep orange from the boulders, soft pale greens from the cacti, and that amazing blue Texas sky. Kenna picked the perfect Burgundy in her boho-chic maxi dress to stand out.

beautiful senior girl girl with hat senior pictures in a hat