Megan’s Rustic Senior Pictures

April 8, 2016

Megan wanted rustic senior pictures and the perfect place for that was right in her backyard. We had a great time photographing around the barn and in the wildflowers. Megan told me all about her love for the culinary arts and her excitement about the future. She has made great memories with friends competing in culinary at Friendswood High School. She was so bubbly and sweet and completely comfortable in front of the camera. We had a great time!

We could have shot anywhere at her place. Everywhere we turned had beautiful golden light. My favorite part was their white barn. It definitely had that country feel that she was going for with rustic senior pictures. We moved a few chairs and tools into the stables to clear the barn floor, and one of the horses posed for us in the background. Megan busted out her cute white hat and cracked the most natural smile. It was pretty perfect.

This was a unique session in that we photographed Megan but also spent a little time with her family as well. Everyone was in a great mood and ready to be together, which made this such an easy shoot. I think it’s great that forever Megan will know what she looked like alongside her family during this moment in her life. Being a senior is an exciting time with so much hope for the future. I could feel that excitement all throughout her family and I’m honored that we had the opportunity to document it for them.

We all hung out for a little bit after the shoot so Brett (Megan’s dad) could share with me about Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association and the exciting things they’re doing to enhance the downtown area of Friendswood to maintain that “small town” charm that Friendswood has been known for forever. From one Friendswoodian to another, his love for this growing community was evident in our conversation.

Congratulations and best of luck in the future, Megan!!

Girl laughing in a field Senior Pictures in a field cowboy boots and floppy hats Senior in a stable siblings chasing each other Parents laughing Family in a field mom and dad with senior