A personalized senior session

July 15, 2019
I want to share with you a favorite personalized senior session that I have ever had the honor of doing.
I loved Audrey’s session because I felt like Audrey opened up and allowed me to photograph her true self.
It’s hard to be yourself. It’s even harder to be yourself in front of the camera. But Audrey allowed it to happen.

girl with white hair and jean jacket in the city senior girl in jean jacket and dark dress

About Audrey

When we first met, Audrey told me a lot about herself. She enjoys school, but told me the “system” of school drives her crazy. She does enjoy AP Art and AP English. Her passion is writing science fiction.
On her current reading list is Stephen King, The Stand.
Besides literature, Audrey has a musical side. She plays bass for her youth group on Sundays. A self-taught musician, she has been playing bass for two years and guitar four years before that.
Her favorite bands right now are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and TwentyOne Pilots.
Audrey is surrounding by a very arts-minded family. They all love photography, art, and music.
It makes sense that Audrey wants to be a writer or work in the music industry.

senior girl smiling picture senior girl with white hair on the steps of a big building senior girl whipping her hair

Planning Audrey’s personalized senior session

It was important to Audrey that her locations matched her style and her tastes. It wouldn’t make sense to photograph Audrey in a long flowing dress in a field. Audrey’s eclectic taste for music and literature warranted a more edgy location. She wanted the pictures to represent this time in her life.
She chose downtown Houston and her bedroom. These are two very personal locations for senior portraits.

personalized senior session at the top of a Parking garage

Downtown Houston

Audrey chose Houston because she loved a more industrial, edgy look. If she is to pursue a career in music or literature, a city represents the style of life she might live.
For the first part of her session, we explored Downtown together. We found several locations that matched the vibe she was going for. It turned out so well!
Audrey’s hair is my absolute favorite. And she has the most beautiful smile!

close up back-lit senior girl with purple plaid shirt girl wearing plaid shirt in a parking garage

In-home portraits

Audrey then invited me in to her in-home studio. Guitars lined one wall and a computer and sound board were set up on the other one. The walls were a deep blue. It was calming and peaceful to be in the room.
Audrey took her favorite guitar off the wall and started to play a song she knows well. It was so special to shoot and listen to her play. Getting to hear such solid talent is one of the best parts of my job.

girl playing rock guitar in her home studio

We also photographed Audrey in her bedroom. This was the best part of her senior session. When it comes to being completely yourself, your room is the place that happens.
We walked in and the first thing to catch my eye was one of her walls completely covered from floor to ceiling. Movie posters, mementos, pictures of musicians and book covers. It was such a perfect collage of Audrey’s passions and interests.
We sat down to listen to records and photograph some of her favorite musicians.

senior girl in her bedroom with a wall collage senior girl listening to records senior girl in front of her wall collage in her bedroom

I was honored to have the chance to photograph Audrey in the most special place in her life. To know that her room won’t always look like this. Her tastes will change. She will soon move out and maybe her room will be repurposed.
But here she is now, as she looks now, surrounded by everything she enjoys.
There could be nothing truer in these photographs. I was so glad Audrey chose a place that held such meaning to her. Audrey shared a bit of herself with us through her senior portraits.