Natural Senior Portraits in Friendswood, TX

June 23, 2018

Lauren and I headed to a park in Friendswood to capture natural senior portraits.

Lauren has been swimming since Kindergarten and is a member of the water polo team. She also loves singing in the choir. She told me all about how she loves to compete and how she’s grown as a player in the pool.

What I loved about Lauren’s session was that a storm was blowing in and the wind added so much drama to the images. Our session was right before a big rain storm, but the light was great despite all the clouds, so we kept shooting until it started pouring. Photographing natural senior portraits is my favorite thing to do because the focus is completely on you. Removing props from the equation allows more time in front of the camera and results in more natural looking images. We believe the focus of natural senior portraits should always be the senior.

Before our session, Lauren was worried that she would be awkward in front of the camera, but I see nothing but confidence and cuteness in these portraits! To help put my seniors at ease, we talk a lot, listen to music, and move a ton! I do help guide seniors into poses, and once we are in that pose, we move and interact to help create more natural senior portraits.

There are several great parks in the Friendswood area that I enjoy photographing. Here’s another session at a different nearby park that I really love.

Loved hanging out with you, Lauren!

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