Houston Fashion Trends in 2018

July 11, 2018

For a look into Houston fashion trends in 2018, we interviewed Emily Brinsko, who has the firsthand knowledge of what’s happening in local Houston boutiques. We met Em last year while doing a collaboration for Poppy Clothing, a small boutique in Rice Village, and of course, we’ve been following her on the Gram ever since. Her sweet smile and unashamed silliness is contagious, and that’s what we love about her!

Tell us about yourself!

These are always the strangest questions because I feel like I’m on a dating app (which I have never been on)! My name is Emily, and I recently moved to Houston about a year ago with my boyfriend, Carlo, for his grad school. Coming from New Orleans, I have always had a love for the creative side of things whether it be fashion, music, cooking, all that jazz. I have two pets, who are completely spoiled by me. I eat fast-food probably three times a week, and you know it’s a bad day if I’m out and not wearing a red lip.

Where do you work now and what do you do?

I am currently working for an online boutique here in Houston called Saltflat! Basically, I get to go in and run the store as it if were a storefront without the customers, so getting clothing ready to ship, fulfilling shipments, steaming, inventory, the whole sha-bang! But I work under a well-known blogger here, Kailey from DoubleShotofSass, and a fantastic photographer, Ling Wang, so my life is kind of been wedged into Houston fashion trends, blogging, sales and photography!

What do you enjoy about what you do?

I am a big believer in you can create your own happiness, and I find that a lot of my happiness comes from seeing those around me succeed. So I’ve been really loving this job because I am constantly surrounded by women who challenge themselves, who lift each other up, and are strong business women!

romantic long white dress on a blonde girl who is back lit at the park

Let’s talk fashion! What colors and styles are in this summer and fall?

Go bright. There is something so incredible and drawing about these bright yellows and pops of red that are here. I definitely see red going a lot further than yellow because I think it can intertwine more into the fall ideals.

Prints are coming and they are coming strong. Not just plaid or polka dots, but big florals, abstract etc.


What Houston fashion trend do you really love right now?

Button up dresses and straight jeans, hands down.


What fashion trend drives you crazy?

Wrap dresses and tops! Not that it is a bad crazy, it’s just that since I have a little extra up top they never hold up onto me! So the jealousy is there for the girls who can pull them off!

Crazy I wish would go away, is wearing tee-shirts under dresses! I never quite got this look, but hey, I guess it ya love it flaunt it!



black tube top and blue gingham pants at park

Do you have any bloggers/fashionistas that you follow and love?

So when I moved here I started really getting into following bloggers and have definitely found a few that if I could, I’d raid their closets in a heartbeat! Kathleen Barnes, Quigley from OfficallyQuigley, Micah Fiannelli, Margret Rojas (here from Houston actually), Hang from hangtag (And if you wanted, I could keep going!).

blonde girl in tube top standing and walking

What’s your go-to outfit when you are:

   – going out

   – lounging at home

   – getting in front of the camera

Going out outfit normally consists of something black, so either black jeans and maybe a body suit, or I love black body-con midi dresses!

At home I can assure you that you’ll find me in either leggings, Nike shorts or no pants and whichever Madewell tank top is not dirty at the time.

Getting in front of the camera is something pretty new to me so I try to mix up styles and patterns as often as I can. At the moment and I am completely drawn to flowy maxi or midi dresses. There is something so chic and lovely about them, but you can dress them up or down!

girl standing and sitting in front of palms

What are some of your goals this year?

One of my big goals this year is to continue working on my mental state. I haven’t always had the best relationship with myself, and have been trying really hard over at least the past year to have a more positive outlook and reaction to things I do. So learning to say no more, learning to take breaks, learning to tell others what I’m feeling so that they can have a better understanding.

close up of blonde red lipped girl

What is a memory from your senior year that really sticks out to you?

Literally, senior year consisted of me taking freshman P.E. and using my lunch break to go edit the school paper because my schedule was too full to be in the actual class so that was the only time I had.


What do you think is important for seniors to know to go into their senior year?

I’m going to answer this in terms of something I wish I could tell myself senior year: You are going to a new place soon. While that might frighten some people, and send others jumping for joy. Just know you are going to end up someplace where you are going to meet so many new people, share so many new experiences, and experience all kinds of happiness you couldn’t have even seen coming.


close up of blonde girl smiling and serious

What’s your favorite summer drink?

If I can curl up on the couch with a Yoohoo and a movie, I’m good.


We hope you enjoyed reading about Houston fashion trends in 2018 with Emily!


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