Hip Senior Pictures in Downtown Austin

March 14, 2018

After a sunny Saturday in Enchanted Rock, we had overcast Sunday for these hip senior pictures in downtown Austin, TX.

My goal was to center the shoot around things that are iconically Austin. Trailer park dining, Jo’s Coffee and other fun shops along Congress, the HOPE art museum graffiti wall, and of course the Capitol. I wanted it to look urban, but mainly I wanted it to look AUSTIN. I’d love to take more senior pictures in Downtown Austin. Contact us to begin planning your session!

My favorite spot was the graffiti wall because the look I got from Kenna was so incredibly different than usual. It was also the most difficult location to photograph because to get to where we were we had to navigate a sea of mud in front of the wall. It had rained the night before and had drizzled that morning and even continued to come down every once in a while while we were there. Getting back to our cars was tough because we had to step very carefully.

I also have a few favorites of Kenna crossing the street, and these weren’t planned beforehand. We had just finished up at one location and were heading to our cars to head to the Capitol for the final set. I just loved the backdrop at the light we were at and just asked her to hang back so I could grab some of her at the crosswalk. I love everything about the way those images turned out. It’s funny how you can plan and plan for a shoot but then your favorites somehow end up being quite different than you expected. Something I really appreciate about Kenna and is the care she puts into her clothing choices. The right jacket, hat, or  jewelry can really bring a shoot together and make it stand out.  It really helps bring the vision full circle, and it’s very encouraging to go into a shoot knowing I don’t have to worry about what she’s wearing.