Robert’s Golf Course Senior Pictures

April 26, 2015

We had a great time with Robert for his golf course senior pictures. A golf course, when it’s not a busy day, is one of the most perfect places to take your senior pictures because you’re guaranteed to have a meticulously manicured landscape, calm lakes, and beautiful tree lines. That’s exactly what we found to be true for this golf course in Friendswood, TX. The Timber Creek Golf Club was extremely accommodating and gave us free reign of the place with golf carts and a brief overview of what areas would be best for photographing golf course senior pictures.

With Robert as our guide, we sped over several hills and snuck around tight clusters of trees in our golf carts until we arrived at the perfect spot: a small plateau where the sun was setting right behind a row of trees. It was overcast and even a bit drizzly sometimes, but it was important that we shot here. This is where Robert had spent much of his time as a high school student and even more so as a high school senior, putting in those 10,000 hours. 😉

Everything he brought to take golf course senior pictures symbolized these last moments as a high school golfer: his jersey, the white glove, his club bag. A session is complete only when you personalize it and make it your own. Robert did such a great job bringing a variety of outfits and details that complement his style and personality. It was a unique opportunity for Robert to share this unique part of his life with us.

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We are based in the south Texas area, but we like to get out and travel! If you’re interested in personalizing your senior pictures and have a location in mind, please give us a shout with your ideas! We’d love to hear from you.