Get lost in this dreamy session in the woods of Houston

June 4, 2019

Get lost in this dreamy session in the woods of Houston

There was one thing Abigail wanted when it came to her senior pictures:
“I know we’re in Houston, but I am hoping for lots of trees in my pictures.”
Would you believe there are a ton of places to find beautiful woods in Houston? You don’t have to drive far to find a great place to get lost.
backlit senior girl portrait looking down
“I know just the place!” I said.
We shoot in plenty of places downtown that have pretty trees. The Houston Arboretum is a tiny forrest inside the 610 loop that feels like a national forrest. Buffalo Bayou has trees lining the trails.
But I was ready to shoot somewhere new. Gotta keep those images looking fresh! Luckily, I knew of a place we could go.

senior girl in the woods looking over her shoulder

We drive by this place downtown all the time, and every time we do this little spot catches my eye. My first thought is always, “Man, how cool would it be to shoot there?”
Now was my chance to follow through and try out a brand new location!
“What about Rice University?” I suggested. “There is a perfect little wooded area there that has everything you’re looking for.”
“Yes, that sounds great!” Abigail said. Shooting in a new place can be daunting, but Abigail was all in! I love photographing for the adventurous types!

girl standing in pathway with sunlight from behind senior girl twirling in the woods of Houston

Making her dream a reality

The day of her session, Abigail and I explored this spot on the edge of the University. It was the perfect little place to be in the woods of Houston! We twirled, ran and leaned on the trees for the perfect pictures!
“That was so fun!” Abigail said at the end of the shoot.

senior girl standing in green dress looking over shoulder

Soon after, we got together to look at her pictures. Abigail gasped with delight when she saw the dreamy senior session in the woods of Houston.
“I love how they turned out!” she exclaimed.

young girl in the woods with green dress closeup of senior girl headshot

Are you looking for somewhere in the city to take your senior pictures? Are you the adventurous type hoping to try out new locations?
If you’re like Abigail, with a vision but not a clue on where to go, I’m your girl!
Fill out the contact form and let’s start planning something adventurous!

senior girl wandering through the woods of Houston