French Inspired Portraits | Kenna

February 19, 2018

We hope you enjoy these  French inspired portraits. We say “French inspired” because of the outfit Kenna chose to wear on her bicycle. French fashion currently celebrates bell-bottoms, so inspiring to her! They do look so cute on her!

Most noteworthy images from her session include the soft, romantic portraits in a nearby field. This was my favorite set because I love how peaceful she looks in the golden light. Her mom added a lovely touch by incorporating the white flowers into her braid. As always, Katelyn with Bell Chic does lovely, detailed work. All of my seniors love getting pampered by her!

Furthermore, Kenna represents us as one of our Ramsey Senior Models for the Class of 2018. She is homeschooled and plays competitive golf. Several universities currently consider her for a spot on their golf team. Like Brianne, she has multiple opportunities ahead and faces the difficult decision of choosing the school that is right for her. We know this difficult choice can weigh on graduates. As seniors, you have the unique challenge of deciding the path you hope to go down. It can seem overwhelming. But we know that Kenna will do great things no matter where she chooses to study.

Kenna did not hesitate to include her sweet pup in her session. Call me sentimental, but there’s nothing sweeter than seeing a kid with her dog. Kenna will soon be gone at school and will only see her fluffy companion when she comes home for the holidays. I look back at pictures of our late dog all the time. The ones that make me the happiest are the ones where I see him hanging out with my kids. Kenna will treasure these for a lifetime.

We hope you enjoyed this contemporary French inspired portraits! Give us a shout if you’re ready to book your senior portraits! Our calendar will fill up!