Finding the perfect location for senior portraits

June 20, 2019
 Some seniors struggle with finding the perfect location for senior portraits. It can be a daunting task, especially for those involved in several sports or activities.
Allison knew exactly what she wanted out of her senior portraits.
Allison participated in her church’s Youth Council and took on all AP classes. During the summers, she lifeguards and coaches swim teams. She swims and plays water polo. Her biggest accomplishment was receiving All-State in Academics and Swimming.
Allison is a very accomplished young lady!
Because of her involvement in swim, Allison wanted to take her senior portraits by the water. Ever since she was little, she loved going to the beach. Water sports have always been a big part of her life. It was important that we featured water in some way in her portraits.

wearing a red top with white polka dots in front of a colorful wall senior girl portraits at the Strand in Galveston, TX

An unexpected storm

We began Allison’s session at The Strand. There is so much variety in historic downtown Galveston that it’s an easy place to photograph. We took our time wandering through the streets and alleyways.
Allison picked a very flattering red polka-dotted top to wear downtown. She chose it because it was bright and lively, which matched her personality and taste.
While we were shooting, the wind started to pick up. Soon it was time to head to the beach.
We were already halfway through her senior session. Was it going to rain in the very middle of her shoot?

finding a location for senior portraits in downtown Galveston, TX senior girl making silly faces in her senior portraits

Finding a location

If rain is inevitable for a session, we reschedule. For Allison’s session, the rain wasn’t in the forecast. The storm had blown in suddenly from the east.
As Allison was changing into her second outfit, we saw the clouds start to creep in from the east. They were huge and dark, spanning the entire eastern skyline.
“Let’s just take our time and if the rain starts coming, we’ll move to a covered area.” I said.
I loved the beautiful blue dress Allison chose for her portraits with her flowers in the field. The color was great for her skin tone and it was a very flattering cut.
She did a great job of picking out a dress that was comfortable and easy to move in. We do lots of walking and twirling in dresses, so it’s important that she felt at ease as she moved.

unclose picture of a girl with white bouquet of flowers light blue dress and white flowers for senior portraits

In the nick of time

We finished in the field and transitioned out to the beach. The wind was starting to pick up even more and the clouds kept creeping closer. But no raindrops and no lightning!
We were in the clear for the time being!
As we wrapped up the last few poses, Allison shared about her hopes for the future. She wants to go to school to be a nurse. She loves helping people and can’t wait to study medicine.
We finished just as the thunder began nudging us back to our cars.
We had finished the session in the nick of time!
Allison was great at finding a location that matched her personality and interests.

bokeh effect in a picture of a girl on the beach girl wearing long maxi dress in the water on a cloudy day smiling senior girl at the beach with her maxi dress by the water

Allison was one of the Ramsey Senior Models for the Class of 2019. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her and photograph her this year. What I love about Allison is how easy-going she is and how easy she is to talk to.
I’m going to miss you big, Allison!
Allison is now on her way to the University of Florida. She just can’t stay away from the water! Congratulations, girl!!