Does location matter for senior portraits?

August 12, 2019
Many people ask if location matters for senior portraits. They worry because they want to find the perfect spot for these pictures that will stand the test of time. With so many options and variety, it can be hard to choose.
Ashlyn’s session really helps me with this question. Yes, location matters, but the way you decide on your location will be different for everyone.

senior girl with long hair and backlit

I first met Ashlyn over four years ago when she was a freshman volleyball player at Friendswood. I was a volleyball coach at the time. Even though she wasn’t on my team, our teams would play together often.
Ashlyn always stood out to me because of how hard she would work every morning. She came to the court with a great attitude, ready to hustle and do her best.
Each year I would see Ashlyn in that same consistent way: working hard with a great attitude.
When she contacted me for her senior portraits, I was so excited!
I couldn’t wait to catch up on the past three years.

a cute location for senior portraits

About Ashlyn

Ashlyn is a kind and confident young lady. She is so great at making decisions and knowing what she wants. It was so easy to plan her session because she had a very clear idea of what she wanted.
“I really love a look for the beach. I like the idea of wearing a long flowing dress as I walk along the water. I want to look confident and beautiful.”
Well the confidence and beautiful she already has. So I suggested dresses from a few online stores that would give her that elegant, flowing look. And we set a date on the calendar for a November evening on the beach.

About her look and location

The beach was an easy choice for her. Not because she is an avid swimmer. Not because she goes to school in Galveston. Ashlyn chose Galveston because of many memories from her childhood. She and her family would go to the Strand or hang out by the water. She often goes there now with her closest friends.
Ashlyn was also inspired by the work of Sue Bryce. She is a New Zealand photographer who creates empowering portraits of women of any age. Ashlyn hoped that her confidence would shine through in her own portraits. (Spoiler alert: it totally did)

girl in field with flowers by the beach girl playing on the beach in long flowing dress

Is it so hard to choose a location for senior portraits?

Choosing a location for your senior session can be tough, but there are many approaches you can take.
One approach is to choose a location that matches your activities and interests:
*Head to the water to represent your involvement in swim or water polo.
*Be photographed in the fields where you practiced and played football.
*Stand on the stage where you performed various musicals and plays
Another approach is to simply go with a place you love:
*Sit in the booth at your favorite ice cream shop
*Stroll down the trails of your favorite park
*Walk along the beach where you spend most of your summer days
Your location can also just be somewhere you think is really cool:
*An old alley downtown that has a lot of character
*Colorful graffiti walls that add brightness and life to your images
*Your bedroom where you have grown up and created a space for yourself.
I hope Ashlyn’s session will inspire yo! Dig deep when it comes to choosing a location for your senior portraits!