Classy senior portraits | Priya

February 5, 2018

Galveston weather was on its best behavior to make classy senior portraits for Priya along the coast and at The Strand. Priya represents us as one of our Ramsey Senior Models for the Class of 2018. She also plays Varsity Basketball and is a member of the Best Friends Club. And she’s awesome. If I were walking down the street, I would know it’s Priya even from far off, because she greets you from 50 feet away.

Priya was going for a Beyonce album cover vibe, with images that reflected her confidence. Making classy senior portraits with Priya is easy because she is completely herself in front of the camera. I love the outfits she chose, but my favorite was the long white dress that she incorporated at the very end of the session, in the water. Priya’s mom joined us and helped with outfit changes and kept up that enthusiasm. We always encourage bringing along someone to help you transition from one outfit to the next. Family and close friends are best at helping everyone stay on schedule!

Galveston can be a tough place to shoot because the weather is so finicky. It could be a beautiful day outside, but too windy to deal with. Or it could be the calmest day in the world, but dark clouds and ugly light. We had the best of both worlds that day.

Loving, enthusiastic, motivated, strong, and a little crazy. These are words I would use to describe Priya. She has more life bursting out of her than anyone I know. She’s the first to jump in front of the camera and has no hesitation meeting new people. She brings so much joy and excitement to every session we shoot, which makes it all the more fun to photograph her!

Wanting to take classy senior portraits? We can help you plan your outfits and style your session! Reach out to us and let us know your goals for your senior portraits.