Boho Senior Portraits at Challenger Park

June 23, 2018

This year Taylor reached out to me because she wanted boho senior portraits at Challenger Park. She had a specific vision for her portraits which included long flowing dresses and beautiful bouquets of flowers. She hoped for her pictures to reflect her personality: someone who is loving, kind, and thoughtful. I know she nailed it!

Taylor goes to Bay Area Christian and saw my work through Sydney. They played on the volleyball team together and she loved her senior portraits. At the time of our session, she is deciding between going to Baylor and UTSA.

Taylor is very athletic and enjoys participating in a ton of sports at BACS. She is a catcher for her softball team, a setter for the volleyball team, and runs the court in basketball.

My favorite part about our session was talking with Taylor. She radiates so much joy and enthusiasm. I feel like she’s the kind of friend that is easy to talk to and hang out with because she is so easy going and good-natured. Taylor is a girl who starts laughing and immediately puts you at ease. I know she will do well in college because she is so approachable and fun. In these boho senior portraits at Challenger Park, she shows off a carefree spirit and joyful demeanor.

I think it’s so important for seniors to find a way to serve others and learn from people who are different than them. What a way to prepare yourself for the college experience. This summer Taylor heads to Boston for a mission trip. I just know she will come back feeling refreshed and blessed from her time of service!

I would love to photograph more boho senior portraits at Challenger Park! Would you? We’re a good fit! Contact me and we can start planning your senior portraits right now!