Advice for High School Seniors

July 9, 2018

Sydney and I reconnected this summer because I wanted her advice for high school seniors. I believe it’s so important to receive tons of support in your senior year and into your college years as there are so many decisions that you have to make for yourself that can feel super overwhelming. That’s why I make a priority to connect with past seniors during the summer months. With some distance between yourself and senior year, you have had time to reflect on past success and mistakes, sort out what truly matters and what wasn’t really worth it after all.

Keep reading to get a peak into Syd’s freshman year of college at Baylor, and for advice for upcoming high school seniors!

college freshman smiling at camera and at coffee

“Going into my freshman year of college, I was excited about meeting new people and seeing how my classes were going to be. I was also excited about getting organized with all my new school supplies (haha that never lasts long with me though)”

college freshman girl in white blouse smiling

“I was nervous that I was going to get lost and just look dumb walking around aimlessly. (Everyone is feeling the same way and the older people you think are judging are happy to help you)”

smiling blonde girl in front of tall bush

“I am so grateful that I joined a freshman leadership group and really just went to any and everything that was a new event provided for freshman to meet people. I met so many people and really tried to make friends everywhere. You never know which ones are actually going to stick and its funny to look back on your very first friend groups and the people you would go to things with. I also am so glad that I spontaneously jumped off a bridge into the brazos river with a bunch of my friends one night (friends that are still my friends today)”

girl in black gingham pants

“Something I miss about senior year is just having all of your friends in one place. I tried to spend time with everyone before we all went our separate ways. If I could go back I would not stress as much as I did about taking everything I owned to college (lol I am an over packer for sure and was packing up to the day I left).”

girl standing in front of chainlink fence sipping coffee

“If I could tell a current senior one thing it would be to thank all the teachers and people that helped them make it through school and to college and to make a point to update them on what you’re doing, they are the ones that want to know and see that their work paid off. I would also tell them to continue making memories with their friends now up until they leave!”

Do YOU have some advice for high school seniors? Leave it in the comments below!