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We create authentic portraits that help you celebrate the ways that you’re unique

Here’s a few things we believe.

We believe that you’re important. That you were created to be exactly who you are. You’re not perfect, and you aren’t meant to be. You’re meant to be you. The world needs you to be you.

We believe that the world is important. There is so much good in the world. So much laughter and love and hope. But there is also so much fear and insecurity and anger. We want to celebrate the good and fight the bad.

We believe that creating is important. We create portraits. Others create songs, spreadsheets, vaccines, cars, lesson plans, jokes, food, gasoline. Being creative is what makes us who we are and because of this it should be done well.

We believe there’s a part of the world that doesn’t want you to be you. It tells you that you aren’t enough, that you are unimportant, or that someone else is better. Creating helps us to strengthen who we really are to confront that fear, insecurity, and anger.

We believe that when we create together, we aren’t just taking pictures; we’re rebelling against the part of the world that wants you to be something less than you were meant to be.

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I loved Paige and my daughter did also!!

“Wow!” is all I can say


Cameron had a blast meeting you and it showed in the pictures!

Let’s create together!